March 19, 2008

Things I Hate Right Now, Part I

1) Trying to start my own review blog.

It would be easier if I focused on one genre or age group, but I tend to read and love a random selection. Thus, I will be trying to promote this blog and become popular with a large variety of subgroups.

(If push comes to shove, I might choose cyberpunk as my favorite genre. Another thing I hate: always having to explain what cyberpunk is after making that statement.)

2) The cut in RIF's funding. Yes, this news is a month old, but action can still be taken. All you have to do is go here and fill out a short form to be sent to your Senators and Representative to help RIF.

3) I discovered Marie Brennan's brilliant DOPPLEGANGER and WARRIOR AND WITCH only to learn it's a duology, not a series.

They will be reissued as WARRIOR and WITCH in August 2008.

ETA 4/29/12:  Reading is Fundamental has a three-star rating from Charity Navigator.

1 comment:

  1. Warrior and Witch...well the first book was good but the second book was poor. It is a shame that it wasn't a series though...

    I hope you will pop over to my blog and find some books there that you might like to read! I have added you to my links and will be popping by now and again ;)


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