December 6, 2008

Things I Hate Right Now, Part II


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I wrote a lovely review of LAMENT by Maggie Stiefvater between finishing my philosophy test and beginning my philosophy paper. Finished it, set it to publish at five.

Later that day I checked to see if it posted correctly. Oddly, it hadn't posted at all. When I tried to edit it in my Dashboard I was told the blog was currently inaccessible and Blogger would fix it shortly.

The next day I logged on and the post was gone completely. Me being a brilliant creature, I wrote the review in MS Word first in case something went wrong . . . and promptly deleted it once I set the post to publish.

Unfortunately, I now need to be working on that philosophy paper. I can assure you that once I'm done the LAMENT review will be rewritten. I want to share my feelings on this book.

IN OTHER NEWS, I have a terrible memory. I finally put up a YA blogroll, but I've probably forgotten a hideous number of people. If you want your URL added please comment on this post. Note this is only for YA; other blogrolls will be popping up shortly. Maybe.

Book Cover

For this month you can expect not only the LAMENT review, but also reviews of THE EYES OF GOD by John Marco and DEATH BY LATTE by Linda Gerber. I plan to put up my holiday books=gifts guide soon.

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Good luck to everybody else during finals season!


  1. I feel for you! I always save my MS word docs now and then delete them a month later. You never know!

  2. BOOO bad blogger! Not cool.

    Good luck on the paper!


  3. Thanks Lenore and Lauren!

    I may start doing that. As it is I only save my TBR and the titles of what I'm expecting in the mail to keep myself somewhat organized.

  4. Oh god, I hate that so much. It doesn't happen to me yet with blogger but with other things. It makes me angry, very very angry.

    Wish you luck on the paper!

  5. Good luck writing the paper! Blogger is a pain sometimes.

  6. Ah, I feel for your loss.

    I am soooo OCD about saving my work (after having lost it many many times) that I carry ALL of my books on a jump drive with me at ALL times. Just in case there's a fire at home or my computer is stolen or rabid dogs rip it to know, the typical events that might occur.

    word verification: "reworexc" - someone who is obsessed with rewriting the same sentence over and over again?

  7. Thanks ya'll!

    That's what I do with finals papers (and other important ones) - one copy on each of my thumb drives, one on the lappie, one hard. Sometimes one saved in an e-mail draft. I guess I ought to get paranoid about reviews now . . .

  8. Ugh, I hate it when blogger screws up my posts like that too! I want to read your review of LAMENT, I'm interested in reading the book.

    Good luck with finals!


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