January 5, 2011

Finding a Place

When I'm reading a book I'm really excited about, I like to sit somewhere special.  Somewhere that I can, from then on, associate with that book.  This causes trouble sometimes, as I have to wait to read that book until I find the perfect place.  (And believe me, there was no more perfect place for Beth Kephart's NOTHING BUT GHOSTS than the Oxford Botanical Gardens.)

Other times it causes trouble because I realize, after I start a book, that it needs a Place.

PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ is one of those books.  There's a pagoda in the novel that's fairly important to the setting, and I feel driven to find my real-world pagoda.  Not that I actually want to read the book in a pagoda. I just want somewhere where I'm sheltered from the elements, but can still see the outdoors.  Somewhere where people are passing by, but they don't talk to me.  Somewhere that I'm not familiar with, but as I grow familiar with the book I'll grow familiar with the place.

I'll tell you when I find it.

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