November 26, 2012

Movie Monday: Reservoir Dogs

Book Cover I haven't seen Reservoir Dogs since I was a teenager. A young teenager, in fact. I remember liking the film, but think I never watched it again because I was uncomfortable with the language and violence.

Rewatching it as an adult was a very different experience.  For one thing, it looks cheaper to my eyes now.  Quentin Tarantino did an amazing job for a first-time director, but he wasn't able to entirely conceal his budget.  For another, I realized Michael Madsen is very attractive.

I mean, I've read lots of articles wondering why he isn't a big star.  And I always sat there thinking, "Uh, because he's greasy and gross?"  Turns out I remembered him that way because Mr. Blond is so loathsome.  Madsen is actually a decent looking guy with amazing blue eyes.

And, probably most importantly, I noticed how Tarantino uses language to great effect in Reservoir Dogs.  The n-word is frequently thrown around.  Misogynist things are said.  But the robbers, no matter how cool and sometimes sympathetic they might seem, are not nice people.  The undercover cop - do I need to be wary of spoilers for a twenty-year old movie? - doesn't use the n-word, however.  He also has a black boss who he respects.  The cops in Reservoir Dogs aren't much better than the criminals, but there is are differences between them.

Overall, it's a great film.  I am happy I saw it young, before I saw all the films it influenced, so that it still felt fresh and innovative.  But I'm happy I watched it again, because I have a different perspective now.

Are there any movies that seem very different to you now than they did when you were young?


  1. I should revisit some films I've watched when I was younger, they probably will seem totally different now that I can understand the jokes. Glad you enjoyed this film.

    1. Sometimes it backfires - I like Grease less now that I get all the dirty jokes.

  2. I actually prefer Dogs to Pulp Fiction. I like its hyperrealism and the acting talent is amazing. If you haven't seen it already, check out Kill Bill - and be sure to watch both films. Uma Thurman is fantastic.

    1. I'm not sure which I like better. I partially watched Dogs again because I saw Pulp Fiction one day and remembered what a great movie it was!

      I've seen all of Tarantino's oeuvre and I'm really looking forward to Django Unchained. It looks amazing. He always assembles great talent.


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