September 9, 2014

Review: Blood of My Blood

Blood of My Blood Book three of the I Hunt Killers trilogy
By Barry Lyga
Available now from Little, Brown BFYR (Hachette)
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The I Hunt Killers trilogy comes to a violent conclusion in BLOOD OF MY BLOOD.  When GAME ended, Jasper, Connie, and Howie were each in mortal peril.  With Billy Dent on the loose, everyone else is pretty much in mortal peril too.  And, as the survivors are starting to realize, Billy and Jasper's history is more complicated than it first appears.

I am quite honestly not sure how I feel about all of the revelations.  I feel like half of them were awesome, and half were terrible and not what I wanted at all (even though I expected that's what was going on).  And I really can't talk about them in detail since I don't want to spoil any of the (many) twists in this review.

Suffice it to say, if you've enjoyed I HUNT KILLERS and GAME, then you need to read the conclusion of Jasper's story.  If you haven't read the first two books, you'll be totally lost trying to navigate BLOOD OF MY BLOOD.  It builds strongly on the events of the previous novels.

I'm sad to see these characters go, but I like how well the trilogy played itself out.  Another book would be stretching the premise far too thin.  I'm not sure if this is the ending I wanted for Jasper, but I'm well satisfied with it.


  1. Satisfied is how I would describe my feelings toward this book as well. Some things were grotesque and tragic, and also really hard to discuss without spoilers. But I thought things were wrapped up well.

    1. Seriously, so many spoilers. But it really does deliver a complete story.


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