February 16, 2015

Review: Books for Me

Books for Me By Sue Fliess
Illustrated by Mike Laughead
Available now from Two Lions (Amazon)
Review copy

This picture book celebrates going to the library.  A young hippo girl and her dad go to their local library, where she tries to decide which stories to take home.  The visuals are quite clever, especially the covers that refer to classic children's books and previous books with the same character.

One thing I loved is that her interests in stories aren't restricted to "girl" stories.  She wants to read about pirates and trucks and superheroes too.  It's a nice introduction for younger kids to the types of stories that are available, and they might enjoy seeing one of their favorites pop up on the page.

I think BOOKS FOR ME is best for younger kids before their first trip to the library.  It might help them to know what to expect when they go.  It might also be a fun choice for older little kids who really like to go to the library (like my niece and nephew).  Since the focus is on the library, and not just books, it might've been nice to introduce storytime and crafts and other programs libraries offer for their younger patrons.

BOOKS FOR ME! is a fun rhyming book with bright illustrations.  I doubt it will be one of those favorites that gets read over and over, but it is cute.

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