August 10, 2015

Blog Tour: Oh, What a Treat!: 36 Cute & Clever Food Crafts

Oh, What a Treat! By Sandra Denneler
Available now from SparkPress
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I was supposed to make a craft from OH, WHAT A TREAT!, but I just didn't have a good opportunity.  These food crafts are best for when you're having a party or have some kids you can guide through the steps.  They just don't seem as exciting to do on your own.  I do like that many of the crafts tie into holidays, making it easy to see a good occasion to do them.

I have decided to make the spicy sweet potato pumpkin bites when Halloween rolls around.  Cute and spicy?  I love it.  I think my family will like it too.

 Most of the projects are fairly involved, but there are a small percentage of very easy projects that are suitable for young children.

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