December 13, 2015

Books for Christmas

I've been wrapping all weekend, which has made me well aware that I'm gifting more than ten books this Christmas.  I think all the recipients will really enjoy the ones I've chosen, however.

(One of my cousins is the easiest, because she likes YA fantasy.)

Do you give books as gifts?  How do you choose which ones?

I try to pick ones with appealing titles and covers, in addition to thinking they'll fit the person.  I want it to be a book they'll try to read, instead of tossing it aside and thinking, "Boring."

Need any help trying to decide on a book gift for someone?


  1. usually i ask a for a wishlist to be sure a) they don't have teh book yet and b) that it will make them happy but i can also gift favourite book of mine if i know they share the same passion for teh genre

  2. I really like gifting people books. I'm not giving a ton this year, but one for a friend, one each for my niece and nephew, and a cookbook for my sister. I think that's it. Anyway, I like to give books I've read so then it's easier to tell if I think someone will like it!

    1. I definitely try to stick to books I've read. I think I'm partially giving so many books because I have lots of kids to give presents too, currently!


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