March 4, 2016

Review: The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever By Jeff Strand
Available now from Sourcebooks Fire
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Justin, Bobby, and Gabe love making movies.  They just aren't that good at it.  But this time they're going to do it right.  They're going to write a script and everything!  It will be THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER.

What follows is a predictable tale of everything going wrong, friends falling apart and then coming back together.  What sells this story is the humor.  I was sitting in the Jiffy Lube getting my state inspection done and trying not to crack up in public, because Justin's grandmother was investing the money to produce his picture - and threatening him if he didn't pay her back with interest.  (She was just kidding.  But really, she's gonna get her money back and Justin isn't going to like it if she has to make him.)

I particularly liked the way the boys got involved in the community through their movie.  They sometimes screw it up (waking people early on the weekends being the worst), but sometimes get it just right.   It really emphasized that they were running around in public and making a true effort to get a shambling horde onscreen.

THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER isn't the type of book to win awards, much like the eponymous movie, but it is a cute and funny little novel.  It definitely made my hurry-up-and-wait chores easier to take!

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