April 13, 2016

Review: Nightstruck

Nightstruck First in a series
By Jenna Black
Available now from Tor Teen (Macmillan)
Review copy

One night, Becket hears a baby crying in a dark alley. Despite her misgivings, she goes to help the baby.  But the baby isn't human.  And ever since that night, strange things have been happening in the city of Philadelphia after dark.  Statues and other inanimate are coming to life.  People are dying.

NIGHTSTRUCK starts creepy and ramps up the horror as the story continues.  This is the first in a series, and fairly light on plot.  Becket has a rocky relationship with her best friend Piper and gets closer to her crush and neighbor (and Piper's boyfriend) Luke.  The focus is on them living under siege, the way the escalating threats sap at their will.  Becket knows the night wants her, and she's tempted to let it take her to make the awfulness stop.  (Even if it won't stop, not really.)

The revelation of just who is attacking Earth and why is left to future novels, but enough is revealed to make it clear that the larger picture will be explored throughout the series.  But NIGHTSTRUCK is a small story, focused solely on Becket, her loved ones, and her city.

And did I mention it is creepy?  I am going to be staying away from grates for awhile.

As far as the romance goes, I fear a love triangle in the future, but I did like Luke.  There's little conflict to their romance aside from his dwindling attachment to Piper.  He's a nice, steady boy and they like each other.  A little more passion might've been nice.

I think NIGHTSTRUCK could have used a bit more plot, but that the atmosphere sold it.  It felt very much like a prelude, but it did its job: I'm ready for the show.


  1. Sorry about the lack of a huge plot, but it sounds like a good set up to a series and I'm definitely curious now!

  2. I like the sound of it, even if it does lack plot (does the characterisation make up for it?) but would be wary that the revelations would be satisfactory. Definitely interested in any future reviews you write on it.


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