July 4, 2016

Movie Monday: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates has an actual credits sequence at the beginning, scenes of awesome parties unfolding to an upbeat song.  It's not long before we learn how each of those parties went wrong when Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) took it too far.

Now, their sister's destination wedding is upon them and their family has given them an ultimatum: bring dates too keep them under control.  Being gentleman of a certain age, Mike and Dave turn to Craigslist, where their posting for a free trip to Hawaii goes viral.

Cue the girls: Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick).  They aren't the good girls Mike and Dave are looking for, but they're willing to fake it, especially since Alice needs a vacation after being left at the altar.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates isn't built on surprises.  It's a comedy that leans hard on the charm of its cast as they bumble through various misadventures.  It's a good thing the cast can take it.  I particularly liked Sugar Lyn Beard as Jeanie Stangle, the younger sister.  She's soft-spoken and sweet, but that doesn't mean nothing gets to her.  Sam Richardson gets in an awesome moment as her possibly boring fiance Eric.

If you enjoy comedic shenanigans where people get (non-fatally) mangled and families eventually come together because they love each other, you'll enjoy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.  The romance between Alice and Dave is a sweet counterpoint to the cruder elements of the movie, and I kind of wish the end hadn't back off on Tatiana and Mike never, ever getting together.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will be released this Friday, July 8.


  1. Oh that's awesome you got to see this one already! I love the main cast, so I definitely want to see this one. I think it will be fun and full of good laughs. All you need sometimes.


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