December 31, 2016

All Romance eBooks Closing - Back Up Your Library Now!

All Romance eBooks (ARe)/OmniLit was one of the bigger ebook stores. It specialized in romance (obviously) and offered buy-10-get-1-free codes as well as a rebate system of eBook Bucks. I bought many a book there over the years (and downloaded more from their extensive collection of free books).

Normally I'd be saddened by another ebook retailer shutting their website down, but ARe is doing it in a particularly scummy way, as detailed over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Thus, I'm angry instead.

This is a notice that if you've ever bought anything there, you need to back up your library now. You have less than 24 hours, because the site shuts down permanently at midnight CST tonight.

I try to diversify from Amazon, but it can be so hard, can't it?


  1. I don't know them, but that's awful they aren't closing in a decent way for those that bought from them.

    1. It was more what they did to authors. The owner is trying to pay only a tenth of what they owe to them.

  2. Amazon is the Walmart of the Internet, with a more diverse and interesting selection of things to buy, plus you never have to leave the house. They are very customer friendly, but not particularly author-friendly (then again, who is?) What they really are is convenient. But they day they fly delivery drones to my house is the day I order a baseball bat using Prime.

    1. Avoiding the parking lot and checkout lines is a huge bonus.


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