September 2, 2009

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Burning Ambition

I've been sitting on this cover since June, but it's time to discuss a HOTTIE cover once more. (Yes, that has has been done here three times. But the trailer is still a saving grace.)

Now, I am looking forward to the sequel. I enjoyed HOTTIE. I appreciate that this cover matches the redesigned HOTTIE cover, since branding is important to realizing two books belong together.

Let's build up, no?

The background: Simple, but fun. The blue balances the brightness of the red and yellow, and the contrast illuminates how the two figures in the foreground oppose each other.

The foreground: Love the expressions - these girls clearly don't think much of each other. But the clothes! I don't think there's a summary yet, but I've determined the plot is from their outfits:
Superheroine Hottie has a new nemesis, but she doesn't know who. She narrows it down to the Valley, given the girl's propensity for wearing a gold elastic belt over a yellow polyester prom dress - with a hair accessory that is so 2000. To blend in, Hottie throws a pleather jacket over her LBD and replaces her "H" with a "U" for "Undercover." She's going to show this hot mess the literal meaning of the words. But her nemesis has a burning ambition to escape the world of itchy, synthetic fabric clad villainy . . . and you can't fight fire with fire.

The typography: I like the tagline and author name, but wish a more exciting but complimentary script had been used for the title treatment. As is, it's easy to read but boring and doesn't balance out the figures on the bottom half of the cover. Maybe if the font were smaller and the girls took up more of the cover.

What do ya'll think?

ETA: Actual summary from Amazon:
Alison Cole and the Department of Hotness are back and ready for action in the sizzling sequel to Hottie—all about a Beverly Hills princess who can shoot fire from her fingertips!
Ever since defeating her evil stepmother, Carmen, Alison’s life has been totally fla-mazing. But when she wins a coveted internship at Jen Magazine, she’ll have to take on fifteen-year-old Editor-in-Chief Pixie Furmanovsky—the biggest Superbrat the world has ever seen! Pixie always gets what she wants, and now she’s after Alison’s boyfriend, T!

Can Hottie give little miss BratGirl a Super Sweet Sixteen that she’ll never forget? Or is this Superteen about to get superfired?

Current release date is 6 April 2010.


  1. LOL love your fake summary.

    I actually really like this cover- love all the different colors in the background and how Hottie looks and the font and placement but the nemesis is just ugly and the only part I don't like.

  2. Well, the nemesis is a cute girl . . . she's just stuck in hideous clothing, which is what I was mostly making fun of.

    I just think the font could be more exciting. I do rather like the curl on the r.

  3. it is all about keeping it real =]

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