March 16, 2010

Exciting News!

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My blog is listed in the resources section of READ, REMEMBER, RECOMMEND FOR TEENS by Rachelle Rogers Knight, as I learned in an e-mail today.

It feels like my blog has been getting more attention lately, though less people have been linking to it and the number of visitors appears to be holding steady. Perhaps it's just different people dropping by and thus the type of attention is different?

I'm partially curious because I recently read a blog post (no clue where as I was wildly browsing) that put the line between old and new blogs at two years. Since In Bed With Books will be two years old in a few days, I'm wonding if it does qualify as an old blog. I'm certainly no Story Siren or Presenting Lenore. But I also think about blogs that started around the same time as mine, that I can remember visiting when I was new: namely, Book-luver Carol's Reviews and Reviewer X. I never would've suspected that Reviewer X would be defunct while Carol and I are still going strong. I also never would've suspected that Carol lived in the same school district as me. It's a small world. I would call Carol respected, but I have trouble thinking of her blog as an older one since it's the same age as mine and mine isn't that old. Or is it?

How do ya'll feel about IBWB? Am I a resource in the YA lit world? Or am I still a noob? (Of course, there is room in between the two.)


  1. Yay! You're in the book as well!

    I don't think myself as an old blogger. Even though I've been blogging longer than some blogs, I still feel like a noob because every week I learn something new about blogging, so I get how you're feeling.

    And you ARE a resource in the YA lit world. You have excellent interviews and reviews that I am jealous of because they are so well-written and well-thought out.

    P.S. It is shocking that Reviewer X isn't blogging anymore.

  2. Thanks for thinking of me as "old" ;) - I actually repurposed my blog into a book blog about 2 years we are the same age in book blogging years!

    Congrats on being listed!

  3. Congrats to you and your blog, Liviania! Hope it drives more traffic to your site. And to all of you - like you, Carol and Lenore - thanks for sticking around as long as you have and being terrific resources for book info. Cheers~

  4. That's awesome and totally deserved! Your blog is fantastic. I know I don't comment too much, but I do read all your posts in my reader and love them. :)

    And if you're old at two, what am I then? Coming up on 3 years in a few months? lol :P

    I'm shocked too that Reviewer X is no longer around cuz I loved her blog. :( Sadness.

  5. @Carol(ina): Yay! Glad to hear I'm in good company.

    I know exactly what you mean! Every time I read a how-to post I'm like, "Gee, that would save a lot of time and effort. How did I not figure that out on my own?"

    And thank you. I've been feeling down on my writing lately, so the compliment really helps.

    @Lenore: See! The things I don't know! Maybe I think of your blog as "old" because I've met you in real life and know you're old. (Kidding.) It is a very arbitrary line . . . I don't know why I think of some as older than others, when they could have been around the same amount.

    @Leigh: Thanks. I do hope for some traffic sometimes, but at the same time I'm here to have fun. I like having a small core community that I know.

    @BookChic: I totally should've mentioned you as one of the oldies! You and Book Muncher and The Compulsive Reader . . . that's the problem with writing things quickly.

    Maybe we should check your blog for leaks? I must admit that I also read your blog despite not commenting much - I love how positive you are! You're a great place to go to find happy books. And I love happy books.

    Reviewer X had an awesome blog. I miss reading it . . . but going out on a high point is classic.

  6. Haha, it's not a problem, though now I wonder if I was mentioned in that book too, lol.

    Happy books are fun, lol. Though I do try to break it up with a good variety of things. But am glad you enjoy the positivity too- I always wonder if I'm being TOO nice or whatever.

    I also wanted to say that I agree with Carol. Even at almost three years (*said in old man voice* I can't blog like I used to.), I don't feel old. In fact, the time always surprises me, like it just doesn't feel like that long ago that I started it. Time flies when you're having fun, lol.

  7. Liviania,

    Thank you so much for posting about my teen journal! I was happy to include your great YA resource in there. From reading the comments there are some wonderful blogs we may have missed - but there is always the next version! I definitely come back to you guys for good ideas of blogs to include and YA book lists.

    Thanks again!


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