July 26, 2010

Cool Things

Reading is Fundamental has a few campaigns that are ending soon. Now through the 31st, if you donate $3 at Macy's you get ten dollars off a fifty dollar purchase. Also, if you $5 through Give to RIF you can get 20% off Scholastic products.

JCPteen, livingsocial, and Simon & Schuster have partnered together for Loser/Queen. The first four chapters are available now. Vote through Thursday of each week to determine how the book will turn out. It's being written by Jodi Lynn Anderson of PEACHES fame.

Have you seen NPR's Summer Books series? It's just as amazing as most of what NPR does, but unfortunately isn't narrated by people with lovely voices.

Also, Jezebel has been doing summer reading lists, the latest of which can be found here. Some of the best suggestions are in the comments.

It's been a week, ya'll. But this one looks like it will be better for me.

ETA 4/29/12: Reading is Fundamental has a three-star rating from Charity Navigator.

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  1. I love RIF, a great program since its inception. I remember growing up in a tiny rural town in PA and wishing we *didn't* have a library so we could get the bookmobile to visit us. I thought that was so cool.


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