July 3, 2010

BBAW Registration

As many IBWB readers probably know, Book Blogger Appreciation Week will be held September 13-17 this year.  Part of the festivities are the awards.  This year, the bloggers nominate themselves in whatever categories they feel are appropriate.

I was torn about registering IBWB since it feels very egotistical.  In the end, I've decided, "Why not?" As for choosing posts to represent my blog, I decided to pick based on a combination of stuff I enjoyed writing and stuff that got a reaction from my readership. I'm including explanations for each post because I find it fun to explain my reasoning and the rules don't say you can't.

If you follow the link above, you can find instructions for registering.


Best Young Adult Book Blog—This blog offers the best consistently excellent reviews, recommendations, analyses, and other content for books written for a young adult audience.

While I try to include a variety of books on IBWB, my main focus on this blog is books for young adults.  So without further ado, here are my five posts, at least three of which are reviews/recommendations/analysis:

1. Review: tales of the MADMAN underground: An Historical Romance 1973

I loved this book and I think that love shines through in the review. I've found other people linking to this review, and there's nothing more rewarding for a book blogger than learning you convinced someone to read a book.

2.Review: Fallen

To balance the love, here's the worst review I've ever given a book. To me, hate for a book must be explained more carefully even than love. I mean, there's at least one redeeming feature to be found in almost everything.

3. Review: Shiver

With a popular novel like SHIVER, everyone and their dog writes a review. I enjoyed trying to write an original review under those conditions.

4. Hottie: Third Time's A Charm?

Discussing Jonathan Bernstein's covers is a tradition on IBWB. I think this was the most lively discussion, and I feel especially proud since this cover change came after Bernstein e-mailed my review to his publisher. (No, one little blogger did not get the hideous cover changed. But I like to think I helped.)

5. Best Authors You Aren't Reading: Patrice Kindl

This is the inagural post of my first feature. I'm still getting my feet under me, but showcasing authors "who I don't perceive as being popular, but whom I truly love" is rewarding. After all, one purpose of book blogging is spreading the word.


Best Author Interviews—This blogger does his or her research and asks the questions no one else does. These interviews are top-notch. Note that this award reflects the quality of the interviews, not the popularity of the person being interviewed. [Note that nominated bloggers for this award are required to submit 4 interviews; 1 post is left to their discretion.]

While one post is left to my discretion, I'll submit five interviews. I'm not creative enough to figure out what showcases my abilities as an interviewer other than an interview.

I am proud of all of my interviews, so my first three choices are all interviews with authors who have supported me in my blogging efforts.

1. Beth Kephart

An interview can't be bad when you're interviewing such a lovely human being.

2. Cynthia Leitich Smith

Smith gave me one of my first interviews and agreed to do this short interview with me even though she was rather busy at the time.

3. C. Leigh Purtill

Leigh is a frequent visitor, commenter, and a fabulous author. (Plus, she knitted me a pair of handy legwarmers. Yes, that is a pun. Deal with it.) Interviewing is always fun, but interviewing an author you're friendly with is especially fun.

4. Jaclyn Dolamore

Dolamore worked with me despite being in the middle of an internet hiatus and dealing with a cover controversy (due to which one of the questions was changed). I think the interview turned out well!

5. Rhonda Hayter.

I got to question her about time travel. Everything is better with time travel.

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