October 5, 2010


Sourcebooks has been asking readers about their covers on their Teen Fire ning. Sounds reasonable to me, considering how much readers complain about covers.

Currently, they're asking for input on the cover of STUPID FAST by Geoff Herbach.

Either #1 or 2 would catch my eye.  #3 both has too much going on and a lame color scheme.  As for representing the content, the blurb is available if you follow the link.  It pushes me towards picking #2.

How about ya'll?


  1. Hi there. This is Geoff, the author. On the Sourcebooks page there is some debate regarding how female readers would react to cover #2. (I REALLY LIKE 2, BY THE WAY.) The story is partly about football, but a lot about a past tragedy that slowly overcomes a family. I don't want to drive away female readers because I like the cover! What do you think?? Any advice would be great!

  2. I love the intensity and simple iconography of the second jacket, and as a girl who was a tomboy, I would not have been dissuaded in the least. I'd have been intrigued.


  3. Thanks, Beth. I do love the way the simple image speaks so much about the character (what it says is correct: athlete, alone, feels like a zero, not quite comfortable in his body).

  4. I like cover #2 as well. It's simple and evocative. Yes, it tells you the book has to do with a football player, but the way he's hunched away also makes you think he's got some emotional baggage. I vote for that one!

  5. I'm glad to hear it, Jessica! Thanks so much, Liviania, for posting this -- covers are a weird animal. You never know what you're going to get and you're not really in control and you don't know what they actually convey. I'm pretty familiar with the content, of course, and can't divorce myself from that -- so, I'm not remotely objective.

  6. No prob! I love discussing covers. I, too, picked #2, so I think girls are fine with it. The striking image will draw people in more than football with push them away.


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