March 19, 2012

Movie Monday: What About 2012?

You may have noticed I have covered any 2012 films yet. That's because I haven't seen any. That doesn't mean there aren't any that I want to see. Here's a brief rundown of films I plan to watch when they come out on video, (vaguely) listed in order of release date.

Haywire - Steven Soderbergh's latest is an action film anchored by former MMA fighter Gina Carano. The cast includes Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, and Channing Tatum - all actors that I like. (Okay, Tatum is kind of bland, but he seems like a decent guy.) I wanted to see this one in theatres but wasn't able to. I have high hopes for when I do see this one. I like a nice-looking fight.

Coriolanus - This Shakespeare adaptation, directed by Ralph Fiennes, received better reviews than I expected. I'm always up for a good Shakespeare film. I plan to watch this one with some friends and a cider.

Chronicle - I loathe found footage films. But this one has superpowers!

Thin Ice - This comic noir, starring Alan Arkin, Greg Kinnear, and Billy Crudup, has won comparisons to Fargo. That's basically enough for me. Who doesn't want to see normal people go nuts over a violin?

The Secret World of Arrietty - Studio Ghibli. Enough said. Snobbish as it is, I partly want to wait to see this adaptation of Mary Norton's THE BORROWERS because I prefer subtitles to dubbing.

This Means War - I admit that this movie looks terrible. It's a romantic comedy; the genre is plagued with dire films. But the leads are so charming. Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine is one movie? Plus, the guys are spies, and I love fictional spies. I'm sure I'll laugh at least once.

The Forgiveness of Blood - Based on the reviews I've read, The Forgiveness of Blood is a bit bloodless. But I loved Joshua Marston's first film, María llena eres de gracia (Maria Full of Grace). I'm willing to give his sophomore effort a chance.

Being Flynn - Apparently, Robert de Niro actually acts in Being Flynn.

Let the Bullets Fly - Chow Yun-Fat is a 1920's Chinese gangster pitted against a bandit pretending to be the governor. Crime comedy! Chinese crime comedy! Say what you want about China (it's probably true), but the country produces great crime comedies.

John Carter - Another one where the previews look pretty dire, but I want to see it anyway. The screenplay is by Michael Chabon and PRINCESS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs ain't half bad. At the very least, John Carter should be fun.


  1. I want to see "Arrietty" too (loved the Borrowers) mostly because I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies and Hiyao Miyazaki.

    Did you see "Rango" from last year? Oscar winning, animated. Great voice talent - animation was very lovely, story was cute.

  2. I have! Johnny Depp AND animation - how could I resist?

  3. Lol, I think my parents would love the Chow Yun-Fat movie. xD Just need some Viet subtitles and its good to go.


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