April 27, 2012

Keyword Fun

Lately I've been looking at searches bring people to In Bed With Books. Most of the searches are straightforward, but there's a few things I can offer updates on.

There's "kate spade emma clutch" - those searchers will want this post chronicling my lust for the expensive Kate Spade Romeo + Juliet clutch. They might also be interested in perusing the book collection of French designer Olympia LeTan, which are even less affordable. Natalie Portman carried her Lolita bag to the Black Swan premiere.

Follow Kate Spade on Tumblr.

"[S]exy reading pictures" is an evergreen search term for IBWB, somewhat strangely. I suppose they're being directed to this post on the reading mudflap girl. (I've spotted other variations on the theme since then; have you?)  I recommend those searchers check out this cool Wired article about Rachel Ann, the original mudflap girl.

But if you really want sexy reading pictures, you're probably better off going to the Book Porn Tumblr.

Finally, we come to "games wizards play release date." This is because I once said GAMES WIZARDS PLAY (Diane Duane) doesn't have a publication date yet. Unfortunately, there is still no release date. But . . . in late 2012 an anthology entitled THE WIZARDS' YEAR will be published. THE WIZARDS' YEAR will contain twelve short stories set in the Young Wizards universe. See the bottom of this post.

For parallelism, Diane Duane is on Tumblr.

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