August 4, 2012

Book Blog Olympics: Best Alternate Ending for a YA Book

Kate Kaynak decided to host a Book Blog Olympics.  Competitors write a post, submit it, then the top three are voted upon.  Sounds pretty fun, right?  The second event, ending tonight at 12 PM EST, is to write the best alternate ending for a YA book.  I was immediately inspired, but decided not to write about that book as it's too new and I would be spoiling it.  Thus, I chose a book on the wibbly-wobbly YA/middle-grade line with an ending everyone who doesn't live under a rock knows:

Harry Potter 5 HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: The Better-Ending Version

Then, Sirius tottered on the edge of falling through the Veil, but he recovered his balance.  He laughed, shooting a curse back at Bellatrix.  "You forgot my dog-like reflexes!" he said, jumping well away from the edge (and dodging another curse as a consequence).

Harry had to dodge a curse himself since he'd spent too long watching his godfather.  He'd put all of his friends' lives at risk because of his pride.  He needed to work on that, but only after defeating Voldemort again. 


  1. I would have LOVED for Sirius to say that. I'm still super sad about this.

    1. Sirius may not have been perfect, but he was awesome. Thus, we miss him.

  2. Oh, how different things would have been had Sirius met a very different end -- or no end at all . . . sigh.

    1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only Sirius fan.


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