August 29, 2012

I'm guest blogging at The Book Rat!

Misty of The Book Rat is currently winding down her annual Austen in August (usually Jane in June) event.  This year I participated for the first time!

I don't know if anyone reading this remembers when I went to England, since it's been several years and I don't expect the minutiae of my life to take up any of your valuable brain space.  Anyway, I went there to study Jane Austen and Shakespeare on location.  That means I took a bunch of pictures.  Like, at least 2,000, no joke.  For my guest blog, I pared it down to eleven images of objects and places important to Jane Austen's life and work.

Interested?  Go read Jane Austen in Images.  Be sure to look around as Misty's curated a lot of great content and there's a bunch of prizes any Janeite would be thrilled to win.

For those who clicked onto the link for my blog from The Book Rat, here's a few Jane Austen-related posts you may be interested in:

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