October 10, 2014

Store Review: GoneReading.com

GoneReading.com sells everything a reader could want: bookshelves, book lights, novelty dishes, calendars, and more.  GoneReading.com recently contacted me about reviewing some of their products, and I leaped at the chance!  I chose to review the "Melodrama, Modernism & Myth" literary knowledge cards and then let them surprise me.

This deck of cards is similar to a set of flash cards.  On the blue side, there is a description of a literary term.  On the white side, there is the term and a paragraph about the history, use, and literary importance of the term.  I find it very refreshing since it's been awhile since I've had an English class, but I want to stay up on my lit crit knowledge for reviewing reasons.  On the other hand, I'm having trouble finding people who aren't scared to compete against me to guess the term first.

Click any picture for full size
GoneReading.com also sent me an Archie McPhee Jane Austen action figure.  She's currently chilling out on top of one of my bookshelves.  This is a cute figure, with several points of articulation and two accessories: a book and a quill.  My Jane has a deformed right hand so she can't really hold her book.  I just rested it on top instead.
This gives you an idea of her size.
Finally, I received a set of 25 bookmarks.  Now, I'm not a big bookmark fan, so the "Yes, I'm Actually Reading This" bookmark pad works for me.  I like the art on bookmarks and such, but I just lose them to easily to think that they're practical things to buy.  Why not use a receipt? (Or, as my friends have never let me forget, an empty candy bar wrapper?)  However, these bookmarks are made to be disposable, although you can certainly use one for more than one book.

As a bonus from the book blogger perspective, they also have blanks for keeping notes.  I can see these being very handy for book club books.
Yes, I'm Actually Reading The Paying Guests
If you're a book fan or buying a present for a book fan, I recommend giving GoneReading.com a look.  The main drawback I can see is that you have to spend $90 to get free shipping.

(Also cool: the site recently funded a library in Ethiopia.)


  1. I LOVE browsing their website! So many fun, book-related gifts to imagine giving and getting!

  2. This is a great site! I really need to get something from them soon. Looks like you got some lovely items; I like the bookmarks- they would be cool for a book club or even a review book.


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