April 26, 2010

For Your Consideration . . .

Did ya'll like Friday's post? Would you be interested in periodic academic reading content? I've answered two questions recently about King Arthur, so I've already half got a post in my head for that.

I mean, I've kept things pretty simple here. But I like getting into scuffles about preferred editions and what texts are important to read. Plus, some of ya'll that are still in school might find it helpful.

Now, I'm asking because these type of posts take a little more work from me. I don't want to say something totally boneheaded. But I do find it as fun as reviews and wonder if I have the audience for it.


  1. I think it's cool even though I lurk through my google reader most of the time.

    Which means I always forget about the naked man in your header. Gah! My eyes! *scurries away from the improperness and basks in prudishness*


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