April 21, 2010

Rachelle Knight Recommends . . .

Rachelle Rogers Knight is the author of bibliobabe.com as well as READ, REMEMBER, RECOMMEND and the recently released READ, REMEMBER, RECOMMEND FOR TEENS. Rachelle is hosting a contest for each of her Traveling to Teens stops. Be sure to check out her page for In Bed With Books - the contest ends 5/12. In addition, be sure to stop by later today for my review of the journal.

The theme of the READ, REMEMBER, RECOMMEND FOR TEENS Traveling to Teens Tour is "Great Summer Reading". For each of my guest posts on the tour, the blog host and I will both recommend a book we feel would be worthy of some sunny weather, summer reading.

Book Cover

Have you been missing tales of furry, cuddly wolves - who might also make great boyfriends? If so, Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver series is the ticket to some exciting summer reading, without the worries of a pesky vampire to spoil the fun.

Grace is a cute, smart, slightly introverted seventeen year old girl in chilly Minnesota. She is completely normal, except for her obsession with the wolves that live in the Boundary Woods behind her house. When she was six, she was pulled from a tire swing by these same wolves and bitten. A horrible death was barely avoided by an aggressive male wolf - with beautiful eyes. Since that time, Grace watches for 'her' wolf, taking pictures, leaving scrapes of food, and watching for any news concerning the welfare of the pack.

When another teen turns up missing (and ultimately dead), Grace's hometown reacts by hunting the wolves. When a wolf is shot, Grace's questions about her wolf are answered. In that moment, Grace not only gets a new cute boyfriend, but that boyfriend is the human form of ‘her’ wolf. What happens next is an exciting romance, filled with suspense, longing and fear.

Book Cover

Sound like the 'stuff' of a good summer read? Good news! SHIVER continues with the July 20th release of LINGER, the next in the story of Grace and Sam - a werewolf love affair to remember.

Accolades for SHIVER:

  • Indies Choice Book Award Finalist
  • ALA Best Books for Young Adults
  • ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers
  • Amazon Top Ten Books for Teens
  • Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2009
  • Border's Original Voices Pick & Finalist
  • Barnes & Noble 2009 Top Twenty Books for Teens
  • CBC Children's Choice Awards Finalist
  • SIBA 2010 Book Award Finalist
  • Junior Library Guild Selection (Shiver and Linger)
  • Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Nominee
  • Glamour's Best Book to Curl Up With


Now for my part!

Book Cover

Since Rachelle recommended SHIVER and LINGER, I have to recommend Maggie Stiefvater's LAMENT and BALLAD. Both are available for paperback, which makes them more affordable and more transportable than SHIVER, for those who want their summer read on the go.

Stiefvater's modern faerie tales will particularly appeal to music lovers. And for those who are tired of weak-willed paranormal romance heroine's, BALLAD's Nuala will be a welcome relief. I know it's sometimes harder to find Flux books in a brick and mortar store, but these two are usually in stock due to SHIVER's success.

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  1. Weak-willed paranormal romance heroines? Gee, who might that be? ;)

    I've been meaning to read these books, if I could just get my butt in gear. Next time I'm on a fiction bender, I'll have to get started on them. Tx for the reminders~

  2. visiting via BiblioBabe.

    Thanks for the reviews of Maggie's books. They all sound good. Makes me want to rush out and buy one or more for my daughter. Maybe I"ll start with Shiver( I think there is more chance I'll remember that one when shopping).


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