August 7, 2014

Review: Deadly Little Sins

Deadly Little Sins Book three of the Prep School Confidential trilogy
By Kara Taylor
Available now from St. Martin's Griffin
Review copy
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Anne Dowling is back at Wheatley Prep for her senior year and one final mystery.  She is determined to find her teacher Ms. Cross, who suddenly disappeared last year. Anne's determination is increased when Ms. Cross's ex-boyfriend is killed in an apparent robbery gone bad.  Anne doesn't trust appearances, especially not when they tie into more secrets about Wheatley's past.

Honestly, the mystery was a bit weak in DEADLY LITTLE SINS.  In this one, it's Anne who wants to pretty up the truth, allowing her to miss something very important.  What is good about DEADLY LITTLE SINS is the character development.  Anne is not the same girl who came to Wheatley in PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL.  She's suffering nightmares from WICKED LITTLE SECRETS, and while she doesn't regret interfering, the consequences are lingering.  She's also reached a conclusion about her romantic dilemma, partially because people change.

While the reoccuring characters are well done, I thought it was a bit strange that Kara Taylor introduced several new characters.  A new freshman girl and vice principal are treated like important newcomers, but they don't really serve a purpose in the story.  There could've been more focus about familiar characters in their place, such as Anne's roommate and best friend who has her own relationship issues.

Overall, DEADLY LITTLE SINS was a little weaker than its predecessors, but a fine conclusion to Anne's story.  I love this little mystery trilogy because of Anne.  She's one of my favorite heroines in recent memory, and I think the path Taylor sets her down is one she's well suited for. 

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