January 20, 2021

Review: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Take Along Storyteller)

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Take Along Storyteller)

By Scarlett Wing
Available now from Cottage Door Press
Review copy

The legacy of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood lives on with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. This Take Along Storyteller set also reminds me of my childhood in the 90's since I had a set of books that came with tapes I could put in the cassette player and read along with. I loved those books.

This set contains nine books and one book of songs:

  • Daniel Goes to the Dentist
  • Daniel Learns to Ride a Bike
  • Daniel Goes to School
  • Potty Time with Daniel
  • The Baby is Here!
  • Visiting Grandpere
  • Neighbor Day
  • Pajama Day at the Library
  • Daniel Meets the New Neighbors
  • You Are Special

The books are thin hardcovers. They aren't super durable for young readers. The stories themselves are simple and perfectly suited to the age group with nice messages. The words are simple to better help kids follow along as they learn to recognize them. The pictures feature the familiar characters from the show. I know parents really appreciate "Potty Time with Daniel" and the potty song. 

The included storyteller does require 3 AAA batteries. There is a screw to keep kids from removing the batteries on their own. There's a dial to select narration for one of the books and a dial to select a song. The song dial was stiff at first, but then moved along smoothly. There is a low and high volume, but even the low is pretty loud. I found the narration and songs both to have reasonable audio quality.

I do wish this set had something to keep int all together. It comes in a cardboard box that clearly isn't meant to be kept.

But this is a wonderful little set for preschool Daniel Tiger fans, carrying case or no.


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