Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies on a limited basis.  Please read this policy in full before requesting a review or other feature.  Thank you.  After you read the policy, you may contact me at inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com.

Content of In Bed With Books includes:


I review a variety of genres, including YA (male- or female-oriented), fantasy (traditional/high, urban/low), SF (hard and soft), horror, literary fiction, chick lit, general fiction, and select nonfiction (not memoirs). To request a review, please send an email to inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com that includes the title, author name, publisher, blurb, and other relevant information.

I review romance and erotica for TGTBTU. Review requests for those genres should be submitted to the site owner according to site policy.  I will not accept a romance book for review through IBWB.

I do not review self-published novels, memoirs, or urban fiction. I tend to avoid historical fiction as well.

I do accept eBooks, preferably EPUB format.  My eReader is an iPad, so anything compatible with that is fine.  Do not attach a copy of the book to your email unless I have already agreed to review it.

My reviews include a summary of the novel's premise and my honest reaction to the style and content. I provide links to the author's site and to Amazon. The majority of my reviews are positive since I tend not to waste time on books I do not enjoy.

The speed in which I review depends on how busy I am and how interesting I find the book, among other things. I do work to review all requests.

My lead time is currently one to three months.  This means, on average, I am reading books to review in March in January.  Please do not contact me for a review if your book comes out next week.


My interviews are generally six to ten questions long. I prefer to interview an author only if I've read their novel and would recommend it. Please contact me at inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com to arrange an interview.

Guest blogs:

I am willing to host both authors and other bloggers. I can provide prompts. Please email me (see above) to arrange a guest blog.

I am also willing to write guest blogs for other sites.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to write a feature for you.


I love hosting contests and giveaways, preferably for books/authors I am familiar with. I try to promote each contest and giveaway on sites independent of IBWB. Please email me (see above) to arrange a contest and/or giveaway.


I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Review copies may be provided by the author, publisher, publicist, or other interested parties. I keep many of the review copies I receive. ARCs will not be sold, though they may be given away to hospitals, shelters, friends, or contests. Final copies may be resold or given away. The money from resold final copies is used to mail contest prizes and to send books to other bloggers for review. These free copies do not guarantee a positive review. I reserve the right to write negative reviews.

Reviews include a link to Amazon. The affliate ID belongs to the site owner of TGTBTU, who uses the money to ship books to contest winners and the site reviewers. It is not kept for personal gain.


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