March 15, 2021

Review: Zendoodle Coloring: Baby Unicorns

Baby UnicornsIllustrated by Jeanette Wummel
Available now from Castle Point Books
Review copy

I enjoyed Zendoodle Colorscapes: Outrageous Owls: Wacky Birds to Color and Display by Deborah Muller enough to try out a different line of Zendoodle Coloring books with Zendoodle Coloring: Baby Unicorns: Magical Cuteness to Color and Display by Jeanette Wummel. Magical cuteness is right.

These unicorns, big and small, are adorable. Many of the scenes depicted are family scenes, and I think this would be a fun coloring book to work on with family. I find it fun to color with others - especially if it keeps the kids quiet for a bit! (Talk about stress relief.)

In Baby Unicorns, the art is only printed on one side of the pages to make them nicer for display. The paper is also thicker than an inexpensive children's coloring book and the pages are perforated along the spine. It is well done for those who would like to turn the pages into posters.

These unicorns come in a variety of poses (especially profile and straight-on view). The scenes vary, although few include more than two unicorns. These images don't have as much detail work as some. There are detailed areas, but the majority of each image is large areas. It's easier than some adult coloring books, which has its own appeal.

Baby Unicorns is an absolutely delightful coloring book!


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