June 3, 2009

"Waiting On" Wednesday (9)

I love Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros books, so of course I'm excited about her new series beginning this fall (1 September 2009) with Trick of the Light. I'll get my fix twice a year instead of once!

Summary from DEATHWISH back matter:
There are demons in the world. Monsters. Creatures that would steal your soul. You might hide under your covers at night and pretend all's right with the world, but you know. Even if you don't want to admit it . . .

Las Vegas bar owner Trixa Iktomi deals in information. And in a city where unholy creatures roam the neon night, information can mean life or death. Not that she has anything personal against demons. They can be sexy as hell, and they're great for getting the latest gossip. But they also steal human souls and thrive on chaos. So occasionally Trixa and her friends have to teach them some manners.

When Trixa learns of a powerful artifact known as the Light of Life, she knows she's hit the jackpot. Both sides -- angel and demon -- would give anything for it. But first she has to find it. And as Heaven and Hell ready for an apocalyptic throwdown, Trixa must decide where her true loyalty lies -- and what she's ready to fight for.

Because in her world, if you line up on the wrong side you pay with more than your life . . .

It's set in the same universe and in one of my favorite real world cities. And maybe the female heroine will boost Rob's popularity. (The Leandros brothers series is my favorite, honest. Just read my review of DEATHWISH.)


  1. Sounds great even though it's not my thing. I like the cover ^^

  2. I like the tagline. Not really my genre either, but I'm glad you are excited about it!


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