August 10, 2010

All Around the World

1. Anastasia Hopcus, the author of SHADOW HILLS, and Phoebe Kitanidas, the author of WHISPER, will do a joint event at Book People in Austin, TX at 1:00 PM on August 28th.

Shadow Hills

I should be in attendance at the event, so I hope to see some of ya'll there. I've read SHADOW HILLS, but I'm saving my review for the event write-up. I unfortunately haven't read WHISPER and probably won't be able to afford it, but I've heard good things.


2. I mentioned this briefly at the end of my THE ETERNAL ONES review, but The Story Siren is currently hosting a huge event called LGBT Lit. Days. The event started Monday and lasts until the 20th. The event features guest posts from authors and bloggers as well as giveaways.


3. You might have seen this around, but Harmony of Harmony Book Reviews began a coalition known as PAYA, or Bring YA to PA.

August 21st will be the First Annual PAYA Festival. It includes signings by a variety of authors, a bake sale, workshops, and more. Here's some detail on the workshops (sign up info here):

Listen & Critique Workshop - Authors Josh Berk, Amy Brecount White, Stephanie Kuehnert, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jon Skovron, Meg Medina, and Shannon Delany will each be speaking on an aspect of writing they feel is most important. Attendees will then be split into groups of 3-5, each with an author, based on genre of writing. Each members of the group will read the first three pages of a WIP from another members and critique it as a group. The author will lead the discussion and answer any specific questions about writing by the members of the group. This workshop will run from 10am-noon and will cost $40.

Teens on Writing Workshop - Teen authors Chelsea Swiggett and Kieryn Nicolas will give an hour-long workshop on writing as a teenager. This workshop is geared at those 13-18 with an interest in writing - no work-in-progress is necessary. The workshop will run from 1pm-2pm and cost $10.

Both of these workshops will have limited spots and require pre-registration.

4. Any news you think I should add?

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