August 31, 2010

Kailin Gow: On Balancing Action and Romance

Kailin Gow is the author of more than forty books and the founder of the Shy Girls Social Club. You can visit her previous tour stop at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm, as well as Faye's and my reviews of BITTER FROST. She'll visit Books by Their Cover next. Full tour dates are available at the Traveling to Teens site.


On Balancing Romance with Action

I get asked all the time about how to plot a novel so that there is the right amount of action with romance. Most of my novels involve a great deal of action coupled with romance. These elements are necessary in the type of novels I write – books with a strong heroine who usually face extraordinary situations and has to be brave enough to persevere through her situation to survive. I find that my main characters typically lead the way in the romance department, and like in real life, romance happens in the most interesting moments. I tend to have romance in many area of the novel because, to me, life is romantic.

Bitter Frost

In Bitter Frost, where Breena is drawn into the world of Feyland, her entire concept of Feyland starts off in a dream-like romantic state. Prince Kian is her dream guy, and despite his initial coldness, their adventure and trek through Feyland (which is dangerous, yet fascinating), is filled with romance and action throughout.

Rise of the Fire Tamer: Wordwick Games Book 1

In Rise of the Fire Tamer, a series about a group of teenage gamers caught in a world suspended in time, there is plenty of action, but romance abounds because the characters can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. Going through what Gem, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack goes through; they’re bound to seek comfort and form friendships with each other.


In PULSE, a vampire mystery love story, there is plenty of action and even more romance. A large part of the romance stems from the characters themselves – vampire brothers who are drawn to Kalina, a girl who has a very special destiny. The vampires in PULSE are so romantic, it’s part of who they are.

As far as finding the right balance between romance and action, it is a matter of what feels right for the characters, the plot, and the audience. When it comes together, you know it seems right – just like love.


  1. Hi Liviania,

    I think I sent you an ARC copy for the final one was professionally edited by at least three editors. Sorry Bitter Frost wasn't quite right for you, but I'm happy you're going to give the next book a chance. Thank you sweetie.

  2. PULSE sounds fascinating. I think I'm going to check it out.

  3. Hi Vivian,

    Hope you do check out PULSE. Like Bitter Frost, there's a Discussion Sheet with questions geared toward teen groups. There will be another set of questions for young adult to adult dealing with deeper relationship issues for those who want to delve deeper into these issues. But if you just like a light read, hopefully, this is that, too LOL :)

  4. I just notice most of my reads had romance. Along with all the action and suspense, i think adding romance mean things more interesting.


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