August 1, 2010

This is Patton

He thanks you for the well wishes.  He's currently crated, because he has to rest for awhile in order to allow his shoulder to heal.  This doesn't make him happy, but he's already doing better.

It is hard to get a dog to stay still for a photo, but I liked this one since it showed off his gorgeous eyes.


  1. awww, how cute. my dog used to run away from cameras too. she's pretty much accepted it though. too lazy to move could be a factor tooo....


  2. What lovely eyes!

    What happened to him? Did I miss a post/tweet about the surgery/injury? :( I do not like to miss important dog news.

  3. Oh that stinks. I hope he gets better soon. I hate it when pets get hurt. His eyes also really do look cute. He was giving you the puppy dog eye look.


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