July 30, 2012

Movie Monday: Know a Good Break-up Movie?

John Tucker Must Die I have a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend.  I promised her, if and when that happened, we would watch John Tucker Must Die together.  This is partly because John Tucker Must Die was the only break-up movie I could think of.

Do you have a movie you watch to get over heartache?  I am particularly interested in movies that don't end with a new happy couple.  (Here's looking at you, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.)


  1. John Tucker Must Die is a good one! I can't think of any that don't end up with a relationship...it seems like that's the main idea of a breakup film.


    1. Yep, Hollywood loves a romance, even in films for people who just got out of a relationship.

  2. I think that Jennifer Anniston's "The Break-Up" is a true breakup film with no new couple at the end, but I only know from hearing other people talk about it.

    When my college friends had love troubles, I'd get them to watch zombie movies with me. Nothing clears up those leftover romantic twinges like watching rotting hordes of the undead.

    1. I could make her watch VERSUS (the best zombie movie ever) again.

      I've never seen The Break-Up either - I'll have to look into it.


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