July 29, 2012

Reading is Fundamental

I think Reading is Fundamental is one of the most famous book-related charities active today.  It is, factually, the largest nonprofit focusing on children's literacy in the US.  RIF helps put books in the hands of children under eight and instill those children with a love of reading.  This organization is one of the first things I posted about, way back in 2008.  RIF provides a number of resources including activities and booklists.  You can donate, volunteer, advocate, shop - there are a number of ways to help Reading is Fundamental.

RIF has a three-star rating from Charity Navigator.


  1. Hi Liviania. I work for RIF and we truly appreciate your continued support of children's literacy and would like to encourage you and your readers to join Book People Unite our signature campaign to focus national attention on children’s literacy and spark a movement to put books in the hands of kids who need them most. If you haven’t already, please visit http://bookpeopleunite.org to watch our PSA, take the pledge and learn more. Best Regards, Marcus

  2. Thank you for this lovely endorsement! I appreciated as well seeing the latest Charity Navigator screen as clearly corrections we gave them earlier have not yet shown up so our Development Dept. has been in touch with them. I look forward to visiting your blog often!

    Book People Unite!
    Carol H. Rasco
    Reading Is Fundamental, Inc.


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