February 5, 2013

Who is Marcus Finch? (Day 11)

The Indigo SpellDun dun DUN!  The plot thickens.  And you can find out more in the newest Bloodlines novel by Richelle Mead, THE INDIGO SPELL, coming out on February 12th.  (To hold you over till then, check out the Facebook page, the book trailer, or this excerpt of the first three chapters of THE INDIGO SPELL.  Or just keep coming back to IBWB for more clues.)

I bet you really want to win that hardcover of THE INDIGO SPELL now!  All you have to do is enter below.

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  1. What exactly does he want her for though...

  2. How long has he been looking?

  3. He's been looking for her. Then maybe the fact that Sydney helped Rose escaping from the Moroi Court caught his attention as a possible insurgent inside the Alchemists.

    1. btw Rafflecopter username: Milyjonatica Winchester Salvatore


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