April 29, 2013

Movie Monday: I want to see Monsters University

Monsters, Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie.  I almost didn't see it in theaters.  Right before it went away, my mom and I decided to go see it because we had a spare night.  We loved it.  Will I risk missing Monsters University in theaters?  Definitely not.  Plus, early word is fantastic.

Monsters University opens June 21st.


  1. So excited for a new Pixar film. My fave is Finding Nemo but I love pretty much all of them!

    1. Even Pixar at its worst is miles ahead of most other movies. You must be excited about Finding Dory then!

  2. Me too! I saw it at the Disney El Capitan theater in Hollywood so it was a really great screen. I remember staring open-mouthed at the hair CGI! It was a massive advance in the tech. I am so excited for this movie too. I love just about every Pixar film but the Toy Story series and this are my faves.

  3. Yes! I love the site they made for it and it sounds really delightful.


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