April 21, 2008

City of Ashes

By Cassandra Clare

I enjoyed CITY OF BONES, but felt it to be a bit of a disappointment after the inventiveness Clare showed in the Draco Trilogy. (In fact, a scene in COB first appeared in the Draco Trilogy.) Still, I loved the characters and enjoyed her fantastical New York. CITY OF ASHES takes the potential of COB and lives up to it. More dynamic, more emotional, and more surprising, I believe COA far surpasses its already wonderful predecessor and sets the stage for the third novel.

Clary believed herself to be a normal human until she saw Jace, Isabella, and Alex kill a boy – a demon. Now she’s hopelessly involved with the world of the Shadow Hunters, struggling against Valentine. Valentine used to be a Shadow Hunter and now he is stealing their most precious artifacts (the Mortal Instruments) one at a time. Jace, the most talented of the four, faces prejudice from the older Hunters because of his past. Clary just wants to go back to being a normal human with her best friend Simon, who wishes he weren’t so mundane. Magnus Bane steals every scene he’s in once again – it’s most satisfying the Clare gives him more screen time. She also satisfies with her continuations of the previous relationships.

I want to say some spoiler-y things something terrible, but this isn’t the forum in which to say them. But if anyone who has read the book wants to message me and talk about it, feel free.

Actually, I find myself in a bit of a corner with COA. It’s difficult to even discuss the plot of the novel without revealing many of the first book’s surprises. I can only recommend you pick up both of these urban fantasy novels, and not just for the shiny covers. (Not that the shiny covers hurt. Can you say gorgeous? Cliff Nielsen, I’ve loved you for ages, but you’ve really outdone yourself with Clare’s covers. Keep ‘em coming baby, keep ‘em coming.)

Want humor, angst, glittery warlocks, civil war, and flying motorcycles? Enter the world of the Shadow Hunters. Find out more at The Mortal Instruments, Clare's lj, or The Mortal Instruments lj. CITY OF GLASS not arriving for far too long.


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  2. I'm looking forward to reading this series, although I have to read COB first. Great review! :)

  3. I am still not sure if I liked this one more than City of Bones...

    Is there any details about the next book?


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