March 10, 2009

Hell Yes, A.S. King Still Celebrates her Birthday

I'm gonna keep this simple: A. S. King is the author of THE DUST OF 100 DOGS, a Spring 2009 Indie Next Pick for Teens, and a number of short stories. She can be found at her blog, where she's currently running an eyeball contest. And guess what? Amy's a March baby too. So listen to someone who's a year older and a year wiser.

Book Cover

Hell Yes, I Still Celebrate my Birthday
by A.S. King

You know, the older I get, the more I hear people say, “I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore.” They wave it off like it’s any old day of the year, and roll their eyes. “Sheesh!” they say, “I’m closer to dead than I am to born, so why celebrate?” Uh—isn’t that even more of a reason to party down? In our house, we try to take the day off, not answer the business phone, and stay in our pajamas as long as we can. Join us! Mix up your beverage of choice (coffee for me, thanks) put on a hat, and get comfortable. Because today I turn 39.

*sing birthday song here.*

Like most people, I have certain birthday memories, helped along by photographs, which is what I’d like to share with you today. I owe thanks to my parents, their Minolta & Kodachrome for these mini visual time machines.

First off, I have a news flash. I was once cute. This picture is from my second birthday. Seriously. Look at how cute I was. That’s probably a German Chocolate Cake w/ the proper coconut icing. Homemade, of course. My favorite. This cake made an appearance pretty much every single March 10th since I was born.

My 5th birthday in 1975, I got a xylophone. It is the birthday that sticks out the strongest in my memory. This is the only picture I have of the xylophone. The hands holding the mallets are my mother’s—though when she goes musical, which is she is known to do, we call her Janine. Go Janine!

Then, like all children, I started to grow out of my cuteness. I feel that hitting this not-so-cute-anymore stage smack at the end of the 1970s was a real obstacle. Seriously. Look what it did to me, here, on my 8th birthday in 1978. NG, man. Not. Good.

This next picture is a picture of my 19th birthday. It was my first college birthday & yes, that is a cigarette in my hand. What’s in the cup is anyone’s guess, but I’m betting it’s not Ovaltine. Let me please take this opportunity to remind you—smoking is an awful, horrible and stupid curse, and drinking isn’t much better. Also, choosing eyewear requires a modicum of sanity, which, in 1989, it seems I did not possess.

Here ends my journey to the planet of past birthdays.

I have a year from today to enjoy my last age that begins with a 3, and then, I will turn 40 gracefully. Not so bad at all. My eyewear has improved, I’ve quit smoking, I rarely drink, and I manage to exercise when I can. I feel young. I’m not sure if I feel younger than 39 or what 39 is supposed to feel like, but I’m still on a quest to learn things, and to not get out of bed in the morning. So, I guess really, I’m still this kid:

Even though I look like this now.

Thanks so much for having me to your party, Liviania! Happy birthday to you and to me and to the other Marchlings out there and happy blog birthday, too!

Now, who’s up for refilling the birthday girl's coffee?


As I just bought coffee, I'm happy to give Amy some. I haven't been able to read my copy of DUST OF 100 DOGS yet, so I lent it to someone in penance. She told me it's "really awesome." No lie, her verbal review used awesome about twenty times.

So let's wish A.S. King a happy birthday! (And don't forget to enter Steph/Reviewer X's gargantuan contest.)


  1. Happy Birthday Amy! I hope you get as awesome a present as you did on your 8th birthday ;)

  2. When I looked at the first picture I thought you were a boy lol. Happy birthday again! Tell us if you get any cool presents this year!

  3. Thanks Lenore & Thao & of course, Liviania, for having me. Thao--my childhood was all about being mistaken for a boy. No worries. =P

    Best present was a homemade pop up card from my daughter and an extra hour of sleep. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Amy!
    an extra hour of sleep does sound like a great present

  5. Amen to the annual celebration of our lives, Amy S.! Happy 39th and I can't wait to see how awesome you'll be when you get to my age.

  6. YAAAAY AMY!!! And um, when did you stop being cute? I DEF SEE SOME OF THAT IN THE LAST PICTURE, TOO, MISS. :)

    (Question - is the mistaken for a boy thing why you write genderlessly-seeming?)

  7. Happy Birthday - those pictures are so cute!

  8. I'm a March baby, too. Happy b-day!

  9. Thanks again guys! And happy birthday too, katherinecenter! Sharen--if I'm half as cool as you, I'm on a winner.
    Steph--maybe. Not sure. My parents raised us to feel like people, not a specific gender, so I think that might have something to do with it.

    And happy birthday Liviania!

  10. Haha! Loved the photos, funny story! Can't wait to read AS King's book!

  11. I wish you a great birthday once more Amy! =) The xylophone looked awesome! x)

  12. Happy birthday, Amy (yay for 39! Yay for the 1970-ers!)! I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that picture from '78. You were clearly on the cutting edge with those pants (did your mom make all your mine did?) AND the Manilow (oh, how I loved that album). Now please at least have an IRISH coffee to celebrate. XO

  13. PS: You also had the Dorothy Hamill wedge cut in '78. BEYOND HIP!

  14. This is late...but Happy Birthday Amy!

    I need to read your book, but I DO have it, and I've heard it's awesome as well. :)

    I'm glad you still celebrate your b-day. you should!!


  15. Lauren - I'm just now reading it myself.

  16. I've heard so much about this book, I'm so excited to read it!

    That sounds like a great way to spend a birthday... on my last birthday I spent the day shopping and then mini golfing with my Mom, and then we went out for dinner with my best friend and hung out together. My Mom also managed to take off on her birthday and we got to hang out together and have fun. I think you should always celebrate birthdays! It doesn't have to be a Big Deal, but it should be fun. =)

  17. I have heard awesome things about this book! Congrats!


  18. Happy birthday?



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