April 21, 2009

Review: The Obama Revolution

By Alan Kennedy-Shaffer

Book Cover

Clearly, this is not IBWB's usual. But I must admit, I'm a little geeky for politics and government (I did go to Girls State) and so I took the chance when I heard about this tour. After all, a book written by an insider should contain information not found elsewhere. And hey, I did vote for Barack Obama. (I'm young, in college, and living in the most liberal city in Texas. Don't tell me you're surprised.)

To me, THE OBAMA REVOLUTION starts slow. Alan Kennedy-Shaffer's prose is clear and his text is clearly researched, as evidenced by frequent quotes, but it starts with a description of Obama's stance during the campaign. It's nice to know what he promised, but that's not his revolution. Every politician outlines a plan during a campaign that's mostly unlikely to come to fruition. This part of his revolution cannot truly be examined until he's out of office and we can see how Obama affected policy, specific issue awareness, and how he deals with crises.

After that, the book does pick up. Kennedy-Shaffer discusses the technique of the campaign, which used technology and rhetoric in innovative ways. His bias shines through the entire novel, which you do have to work through, but the wealth of empirical evidence helps keeps things even-footed.

THE OBAMA REVOLUTION definitely hasn't converted me to reading political books full time. If I'm going to read something political, I still prefer a primary source. (Check out Brutus. He could make a business student question his or her worship of Alexander Hamilton. ) As things go, the book is written in an easily readable style and is a good primer for those who want to know more about what Obama promised the nation and how he convinced the US those promises were real. It's good information to keep in mind as one keeps an eye on what he does in office.

You can find more information on Kennedy-Shaffer's website and MySpace. He's written several newspaper articles, including a promotion for the book at The Huffington Post. THE OBAMA REVOLUTION is available now. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a guest post as well as the beginning of Body Image Week.

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  1. My dad would kill me if I reviewed this book on my blog!

  2. My dad would kill me too! But I have to admit I'm a little fascinated with the Obama phenomenon, even though I'm Canadian.

  3. Thanks for reviewing The Obama Revolution! I'm giggling at what the girls wrote above. I'm happy, though, that they are fascinated by the Obama phenomenon. I was so excited to take Alan on as a client. I have found out so much about him as a writer and as a person (he wants to go into politics!)...one of my most interesting tours so far. Thanks again for the review and participating in THE OBAMA REVOLUTION VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR '09!

  4. I was raised mostly Republican, but my dad, mom, and I are all swing voters. . . . I still can't believe my sister voted for McCain.

  5. I was a HUGE Hillary supporter (still am) but when Obama was nominated it didn't take me long to embrace him as well. Now I am thrilled he is in the WH and Hillary is SOS - and sooooo happy Sarah Tina Fey Palin is back in Alaska - LOL!!!

  6. It's funny to read the comments here. I didn't vote for Obama, but what he did was truly amazing and I admire that.

    This certainly sounds like a book people analyzing Obama's journey to the White House should read.


  7. I was a Hillary supporter too! I even got to see Bill Clinton speak.

  8. Hi! I have an award for you over at my blog!

  9. It's fun to see you mix it up here, darling. And it was fun to see you back on my blog.

  10. I've never been able to stand politics. Not even in books and movies! This does sound like an interesting book even if it isn't something I would read voluntarily.


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