June 14, 2009

Simply Irresistible: Trailer Premiere and Contest

The book isn't available until July 7th, but the trailer for SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, the third book in Jennifer Banash's Elite series, is hot off the presses.

Did you enjoy it? If you did, here's your chance to win a huge prize pack. One winner will receive:

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

-the complete Elite series, including THE ELITE, IN TOO DEEP, and SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE
-the eleventh Gossip Girl novel DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME by Cecily von Ziegesar
-the third Luxe novel ENVY by Anna Godbersen
-BONUS! JUST LISTEN by Sarah Dessen (Nice girls represent!)

It's a mean girl bonanza, and all you have to comment with a reason why your life would make a good reality TV show*. Bonus entries will be given to those who repost the trailer (2), make a widget for SI (2), link to the contest (1), subscribe/follow to IBWB (1) or Jennifer's blog (1), and those who say something in reaction to the trailer in their comment (1).

Contest ends in two weeks, on June 28th.

*And it doesn't even have to be something really cool, like your town has been taken over by colorful zombies and you're trying to stay alive by painting yourself to blend in.

For more information about the series, check out my reviews of THE ELITE and IN TOO DEEP, as well as Jennifer's two guest posts and my interview with her.


  1. My life would make a good reality show for those suffering from insomnia. It would be so boring they would go right to sleep. So I'm glad to help.

    +1 subscriber to IBWB
    +1 watched trailer, I have to say it was one of the better ones I've seen, very professional and interesting. Loved the quotes at the end.
    + 1 subscriber to Jennifer's blog

  2. Ah the girls in the trailer look really pretty! And I LOVE their outfits. So cute.

    And my life would make a good reality show because of my little problem with depression.


  3. My live would make a great reality show because we dont sit still to long. There is always something going on here.

    I am a follower.
    Please include me in your giveaway.

  4. The trailer was cute. I really wanna read the series now(:

    My life would make a great reality show because I'm always doing something weird and crazy. It would never be boring. There's always drama or some crazy party or some preggo friend. Haha(:

    +1 Linked the contest on Twitter.
    +1 Follower


  5. My life would make a good reality show about life with college kids. A telephone call every day with a new crisis that ONLY Mom can solve!!

    Example...I have to be in traffic court on the same day as my first exam. The professor says I can't take it early. What can I do. Do you have ab extra &234.00 I can borrow??? I promise this was just this past week!!!!

    I follow.

    The trailer was neat! I loved the cityscapes.

    I subscribe to Jennifer's blog.

  6. My life would make a good reality show for those that like to watch people doing stupid things. By that I mean not purposly doing something stupid like setting yourself on fire, but standing to close to someone with a lighter while spraying hairspray on your hair - that's how me and my friends can be someday.

    Now let me have an OMG moment of how much I love that trailer! The music, the clips, it was awesome!

    I follow Jennifer's blog too


  7. Such a great contest, please enter me :)

    I'm already a follower.

    My life would make a good reality show because I'm super duper crazy I'll surely make ppl laugh. Also, I'm very inconsistent so you won't know what to expect.


  8. My friends are always over and we usually have something fun going on!

  9. No need to enter me, which is good. I'd make a lousy reality show, sitting here in front of my computer, typing away.

    I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

  10. My life would be a good reality tv series because I help out my parents 4 days of a week and they are so hilarious,i never thought they ever were but as they get older they've gotten into this comical routine that just cracks everyone up that we meet.Ok so thats not really my life but i experience it,nothing else is interesting.

    thanks for the chance to win the books


    I'm now a follower

  11. Who wouldn't want to watch the glamorous life of a writer on TV? Sweatpants and Cheetos and blog-surfing. Plus I totally drop the f-bomb, like, once a week. Glamourous AND edgy!

    Oh, and LOVED the trailer, it completely sold me on the book!!!

    I'm linking the contest in my sidebar, and now I'm following you (see? more blog-surfing...)

  12. My life would make a good show because I have a BIG family and we're constantly in spews:-D

  13. my life would make an awesome reality show because there are lots of exciting things that happen and lots of drama!!

    +1 i loved the trailer, was really well made and i loved all the quotes at the end!

    +1 i linked this in my more giveaways section on my blog! =)

  14. Because why not watch a life of a normal girl? :D

    I have repost the trailer and it's scheduled up for tomorrow at 12:01 AM Pacific time. Linked to the contest on my sidebar. And I follow both yours and Jennifer's blog. And I simply love the trailer! =))

  15. Please enter me!
    I love that the characters are getting their own reality show.

    Also, I am a follower.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  16. The trailer reminds me a bit of Everyone Worth Knowing by... I'm drawing a blank. But it looks good. And this prize pack is AMAZING!!

    My life would be a great reality show because people would get so bored they would stop watching TV and go do something interesting, like read.

    I'm a follower.


  17. My life at this moment isn't made for great tv - not enough drama. A few years back, however...I was living and working in Singapore, went on a cruise in Australia/New Zealand with my parents and met my husband who worked on the ship...Add in a few great and fun friends with the prerequisite self-absorbed, dysfunctional crazies and it would have been a blockbuster!

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  18. The trailer is great -- love the quotes, very unique.

    My life would make a great reality show because it seems to be one of constant chaos and bizarre family members.

    I am a follower.

  19. Lovely contest! :)

    My life as a reality show? Haha. I think it would work well. I packed my bags in the middle of the night to escape a nasty situation and take my first flight to a place halfway across the world to see if my one-year relationship online with a wonderful man (to whom I'm now married) would last in the 'real world'.

    Tee hee. And that's just the beginning of my story.

  20. My life would make a good reality show because I have horrible luck in the dating world, so if people saw how horrible my luck was and the types of guys I seem to find it would make others realize how great there own life is LOL. Thanks for the chance!

  21. my life would make an so so reality show because my husband and I have a silly sense of humor and people always laugh when they are around us...we don't hold much back.

  22. My life is about as interesting as watching paint dry but that's as interesting as some TV shows.

    I can't comment on the trailer since I can't see it with my slow connection but with what other people have said, it must be good.

  23. Um, I don't think my life would really make a good reality show. People would get too bored and quit watching. Hey, just stating the facts. That trailer was totally awesome, BTW!

    +2 reposted trailer on blog: http://thebookpixie.blogspot.com/2009/06/simply-irresistable-book-trailer.html
    +1 link to this contest in sidebar( which you can see through clicking the link above)
    +1 Following you
    +1 Following Jennifer
    +1 said something about trailer


  24. That trailer was really cool, though a bit creepy.

    My life would make a good reality show because it's completely insane. There's always stuff going on.



  25. Firstly just loved the trailer. That was one of my favourite songs growing up and I can even remember the video to it with Trevor Horn. It changes quite dramatically in the middle though, doesn't it. Giving a scary feeling to it.

    My life would make a good reality show because I am always getting myself into trouble. I am one of those people who generally does not think before she speaks and just ends up causing trouble without thinking.

    I have become a follower now too.

    My email is


  26. my life would be a good reality tv show because fact is certainly stranger than fiction, and there are lots of really embarassing things constanstly in my life.

  27. My life would be a great reality show because it's not just me that has a fast paced life but my family too. I know someone who is married to someone 25 years older than them, I have a neurotic neighbor that might have a crush on my husband since she can't change her own light bulb. Both my parents are foreign and my in-laws are never on my side.

  28. My life would make a great tv reality show because I'm trapped in this magical land called my bedroom with a magical protal called a laptop and a magical instrument called an ipod. So amazing.

    barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  29. Hi!
    My life would make a real reality show. What's more real than internet connection problems?
    trailer--I remember that song!

    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  30. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  31. Alright, check out my blog - posted trailer, made a widget (sidebar) added a link, am following you and Jennifer... and here's my comment:

    I'm not usually into mean/elite girl novels, but I must admit that the trailer got me interested. I also am always in the need to expand my reading material. Loved the trailer and well, it convinced me into looking into the book now didn't it?

  32. My life would make a good reality show... or a good sitcom. I sometimes feel like I am living a weird sitcom. I live with people who don't speak my language, we share very different cultures, and I spend most of my time confused and out of the loop.


  33. Oh my goodness! What a giveaway! I've been wanting to try all of these. My life would actually make a pretty boring reality TV show being a housewife and all but my cat would be pretty entertaining!

    I'm a follower

    Love that song on the trailer :)


  34. My life would make a great reality show because I have a child who won't listen to me, a first draft of a manuscript I'm writing that just won't end and I'm a disaster in the kitchen!

    I'm already a follower.


  35. My life would be a great reality show as It would have to be shot in my home which somedays resembles a Zoo for humans.. There is never a dull moment. Anything goes..We have great fun most of the time, between the little kids, middle sized kids, and ADULT kids in my life, the dog, the cat, and any other cast of characters who stop by life is never DULL..

  36. My reality show would be a good one to record. That way people can play it right before they go to bed. It would bore them to sleep!


  37. My life would make a good reality show because I lead an interesting school life, where everyone loves gossiping! XD

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  38. Following IBWB.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  39. I linked to this giveaway on my blog. Check the blog sidebar for "Great Book Giveaway! (ends 28th June)"


    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  40. Currently, my life would NOT make a good Reality show! I work, Read, and take care of my little family! BORING!
    BUT if I HAD to make a reality show, I would probably spice it up a bit and instigate more fights with my husband just to prove him wrong to the rest of the world. I would also THOROUGHLY enjoy bashing my loser brother and HIS family to the world and make all his loser friends realize what a jerk and a thief he is.

    PS Please enter me.. thanks for the vent!
    marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com

  41. New follower
    marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com

  42. My husband and I are both musicians... everything in the house is some sort of live action musical... everyone is always singing and some of the improve can be quiet funny!

    crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

  43. I follow!

    crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

  44. My life would make a good reality TV show because what teenagers life ISNT hectic enough for reality TV?
    Plus, my and my friends are STRANGE, sneaking out and getting caught, blaiming stuff on the guy in a trenchcoat with a red bull on his head, pantsing people, screwing with people, other normal things.

    Repost the trailer +2:
    Follow +1
    Follow Jennifer +1
    Comment on trailer +1:
    Looks interesting cool song


  45. Well, I think it's about time we saw librarians on reality TV, so that's why my life would be a great TV show. You could watch me recommend books to teen readers and read and blog-so fun, right?:)

    -I'm a follower.

    -I love that the trailer uses Video Killed the Radio Star (love that song) and I loved how the music stopped for dialog-it changed things up and made it different.

    greenbeanteenqueen at gmail dot com

  46. Oh, enter me for sure. This is an amazing contest.

    Why my life would make a good reality show? I'm not sure it WOULD, but if you're a geek...you might like it. LOL My friends are all geeky in some way and so random and drama (in some way) is usually happening. We also get kicked out of parks every now and then...hahah

    -I'm already following your blog!

    -The trailer is amazing. I love the music, great song pick, and the dialogue is just amazingg. It really made me interested in the novel and that's great! One of the best trailers I've seen for books.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  47. You wanna bet about my life being a TV series or not? So many people have said this to me, I've lost count.

    The thing is I'm having this family drama where I'm trying to convince my mom how that I want to marry a certain guy and it's been a year, not kidding :)

    It's irritating and I don't wish it on aneone.

    I follow you.

    elizascott2005 at yahoo dot co dot in

  48. i really need some new books to read i love the trailer it is really good the girls are really pretty

  49. My life would be a great reality show! Imagine the camera following around the girl who is trying to make time for blogging, keeping the house clean, and chasing her one-year-old around the house. Oh the drama! Oh the cheerios on the floor! Oh the "I must write reviews" pressure! ;-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    ladyufshalott at yahoo.com

  50. My life would make a good reality show because of my family and the people I encounter in my small town. I subscribe to you in Google Reader.

  51. My Life would Make a STRANGE Reality Show Because What's Not To Love About watching A 21 Year Old Mom Go To School, Chase Her Kids, Work, And Try To Write A Book all At the Same Time... LOL


    +1 Began Following IBWB Today
    +1 watched the Trailer And Would Love To Read This Series... WHy Haven't I Before??


  52. Well, the reality show would be the only interesting thing happening in my life, so I would take the opportunity to do as much funny and crazy things as possible; bungy-jump, try to surf, etc. It would be fun to watch me fail! ;)

    I'mm already following both your and Jennifer's blog (google reader)

    LOVE tha book trailer! The flashing pictures, the song and the drama in the second half!

    sosarora_11 @ hotmail.com

  53. I have no idea if my life would make a good reality show...but the general craziness that seems to happen might make it interesting for some people ;) (and they could learn how to fix things since we're repairing stuff right now) :P

    and aww, I'd make a widget if they weren't limiting me to 3 :(

    watched the video and... I still haven't read this series? that's just wrong.


  54. my life would make a good reality show because my life is so funny. I go to walmart and a bird flies in to my chest then keeps attacking me. things like that happens alot, to me

  55. If my life was a reality show, no one would watch it. My life is mainly boring.

    I'm a follower.


  56. No one would want to watch a reality show about my life, unless it was about weird people or book-obsessed geeks.

    +1 I already follow IBWB
    +1 and Jennifer's blog
    +1 I LOVED the trailer! The font, pictures, and music worked well together and made me want the book.

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  57. My life would be a great show because the people around me are always involved in some drama! :)

    Reposted trailer (2)

    Linked to the contest (1) http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2009/06/more-links.html

    Follow IBWB (1)

    Follow Jennifer's blog (1)

    I loved the trailer!!!! Great pictures and fun song! (1).

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  58. (Is this still open? It's not even 7am yet where I live.)

    My life would make a good reality show to be used as a torture device as it's so boring.

    I linked here: http://bookcontestlinks.blogspot.com/2009/06/june-25th-2009.html

    I thought the trailor was really cute and fun. :)


  59. My life would make a good reality TV show because I talk and read a lot so I can prolly do a pretty good commentary, and because I am fated to have the most bizarre experiences ever (e.g., I tore my knee ligament while in the mall once and I had to sort of crawl on the aisles because I COULDN'T WALK; I once saw an albino rat on the way home; and I also once boarded a train and it just stopped without notice and then smoke was filling the cabin and people were panicking and thinking of bombs and...you get my drift. I get those experiences all the time).

    I can also deliver on the Life Lessons: don't be a tool, save your money, and that sort. Parentals would love that! Ahaha.

    I do hope I'm not too late though.

    - Jezzah

  60. My life would make a good reality TV show because it would offer a glimpse into the daily lives of zombified IB's.

    +1 Sidebar linked this contest
    +1 Already a follower of IBWB
    +1 I really like the music in the trailer, how it starts off nicely, then suddenly switches to dissonant sounds and the voiceovers!

    lucidconspiracy at gmail dot com

  61. Our lives would make a good reality TV show because we're both getting ready to go to college and have all kinds of crazy adventures. We're following IBWB.

    Beth & Nathan

  62. please enter me!

  63. My life would make a good reality TV show because everyone one in my family is funny (Except my dad. His jokes are awful.).



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