July 12, 2009


Just wanted to let ya'll know I am in England now. I had a fairly awful flight, but my first day went well. Went to lunch with a bunch of the other girls, shopped and explored with a smaller group, went to orientation, brief nap, ate dinner, hung out at the college's underground pub. I found alcohol I actually like! Pimm's (mixed drink) is quite good, as is Corky's strawberry vodka (shot). I didn't really like the [College Name] Ballbuster. (Those who are more familiar with shots told me it was a good one. I will admit that it was my second shot ever, the strawberry vodka being the first. I wish it were the other way around as I ruined some of the enjoyment of the Corky's by getting some of it in my nose.) It was fun though, since it was the college's special drink. There's a ritual for drinking it and you get stamped when you finish. I spent a little less than five pounds on lunch, a little less than two on shaving cream, and three pounds in the pub. Of course, that's equivalent to fifteen dollars. Stupid exchange rate. Oh yeah, pics of my awesome dorm room coming as soon as I upload them.

(I don't think I'm drunk despite drinking so much when I'm not used to it, as I appear to be able to type just fine. And yes, I am under 21, but it's perfectly legal for me to drink in the UK. I am not advocating for anyone to break the law.)

(Also, the post time is weirding me out since I'm now on a totally different schedule.)

(SUPER PLUS! Interviews with Ellen Jensen Abbott and Elle Newmark this week.)


  1. Wow sounds like you are having a ton of fun. =]

  2. I am stuck in dreadful summer school. COME BACK AND TAKE ME WITH YOU!

  3. Have a great time. I will be heading to the UK on Tuesday.

  4. Still waiting for your e-mail :)

    I booked my August trip for the states though finally. Leaving on the 22nd, so you have to come before then.

    Sounds like you are having fun so far, besides the awful flight.

  5. sounds like a great time so far. Have fun...can't wait to see the photos.


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