September 21, 2009

Books of Summer 7/7


Book Cover

Summer's finally closing, but there are a few summery books still coming out, like this recent offering from debut author Heather Davis. Shelby's at camp, but that's a bad thing. Her stepmother finally convinced her dad to ship her off to "brat camp." And if Shelby slips up, she's going to be moved to the kind of camp you see on the news, the management being arrested for abuse. I never do grasp why the father is willing to give in, given the terrible things you hear about brat camps, but he does.

Of course, it turns out the counselors are the least of Shelby's problems. Austin Bridges III may be super hot, but he's got a family secret and the full moon is coming. If Shelby helps him out, she'll suffer the consequences.

NEVER CRY WEREWOLF is a super-quick, light read. You might think it's too late for this summer, but save it for the next. Imagining the creepy woods will keep you cool on a hot day.


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