April 1, 2010

Daisy's Pick of the Month (1)

Book trailers are a new art form and are just starting to break beyond the clunky slide-show picture style of the early days. The recent trailer from Carrie Ryan's best-selling series is one such standout example. In fact, the trailer for "The Dead-Tossed Waves" ran in front of the Tim Burton flick "Alice in Wonderland" in several theaters around the country, according to Ryan. What works about this trailer are several elements -- it moves quickly, it feels like a movie preview rather than a homemade book slide show, and it's got real fast-paced action, drama and a bit of romance. Oh yeah, and a hot kiss too!

Watch on Youtube

--Daisy Whitney is author of the forthcoming teen novel THE MOCKINGBIRDS and is also a new media reporter, producer and podcaster, with an expertise in online video trends.

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  1. Great trailer! Can't wait to read this book.


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