May 17, 2010

I Enjoy Other People's Lists

I am terrible at making lists. I can never decide what I think fits the top (or bottom) arbitrary number under a certain heading. I always second guess myself and fell like the list was heavily influenced by my immediate environment. But other people's lists? I enjoy reading and judging those.

86 Beautiful Book Covers from YouTheDesigner

Book Cover

These covers are beautiful, even if I only own one of the covers - THE BOAT by Nam Le. Then, I instantly prove myself wrong. I have the paperback (above) and the site praises the hardcover (below). I'll console myself with the fact that my paperback is signed.

Book Cover

While there is a variety of styles on display, the covers chosen tend toward minimalism and favor literary fiction covers. And no, my personal favorite cover (GOLDEN FOOL by Robin Hobb) doesn't make the list. (Clearly, I am not a graphic designer.)

Book Cover

The best children's books ever by Lucy Mangan, for The Guardian

I've read at least one of the books in each of the age groups. My best is the 12+, where I've read 8 out of 13. I like that Mangan doesn't just include obvious choices like the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. THE STERKARM HANDSHAKE (and sequel) by Susan Price are out of print, at least in the US, but well worth reading. The time travel is very well done - I loved how Price slowly included more and more of the older version of English, allowing the reader to become accustomed to it and then absorbing him or her into the time.

Book CoverBook Cover

Children's stories that can still make you cry by Imogene Russell Williams, for The Guardian's Book Blog Children and Teenagers

Book Cover

Okay, so this one isn't really a list, but it's still a collection of books that fit under a certain heading. While I try to avoid books that make me cry (even if I do love THE VELVETEEN RABBIT), my sister always adored a good tearjearker. I am unsurprised that one of her favorites, SUMMER OF MY GERMAN SOLDIER by Bette Greene, is mentioned.


  1. Summer of My German Soldier was one of my absolute favorites in junior high and high school. I'll have to check the lists to see if there are others I have read or own.

  2. I'm not much of a list maker, either. I hate to "rate" anything. But I also enjoy reading the lists of others for ideas.


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