February 2, 2011

Mourning, Maybe Moving On

I grew up without Borders.  I never lived near one until I was thirteen.  I didn't like the chain at first - the selection wasn't as good as Barnes & Noble, Bookstop, or most of the other stores I went to.  Then they started offering coupons over e-mail.  Then they started a free rewards program.  Then I started getting Borders gift cards due to a credit card cashback program.  Borders earned my loyalty by allowing me to buy more books for my money.  (It was also the closest bookstore and the employees kept offering me free coffee and cookie samples every time I went, which also generates a lot of goodwill.)

Now, Borders Group Inc. has announced that it may file for bankruptcy as early as next week. 

I may support independent bookstores, but I loved Borders.  So here's to the memories, good and bad. I can only hope that my Borders isn't one of the ones that closes its doors.

Coleman-Lochner and Keehner's article on Borders's impending bankruptcy closes with this sentence: "The retailer has also been slow to embrace digital reading, which continues to gain popularity with consumers."

I'm in the middle of embracing digital reading myself (more on that later) and my ereader is the Apple iPad.  Which means that my welcoming embrace may soon be scorned.  Apple, for all the beauty of its products, loves to micromanage content.  Now the app policy is changing so that content purchased elsewhere might not be accessible on the iPad. Considering I own several Kindle ebooks that I bought on my laptop, I am less than pleased by this news.

Dreaming Anastasia: A Novel of Love, Magic, and the Power of Dreams

In good news, right now you can download a free copy of DREAMING ANASTASIA from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks to celebrate the release of Joy Preble's HAUNTED.

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