August 8, 2011

Super Cool Libraries

Let's face it, we all love libraries.

Book CoverBook Cover

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library is fighting back against the school board in Republic, MO that decided to ban SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE and TWENTY BOY SUMMER from their school libraries and curriculum. Republic High School students can go to their website to request a copy of SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE. You can donate to help offset shipping costs.

(As a side note, the ebook edition of TWENTY BOY SUMMER is on sale for $2.99.)

While Republic, MO. earns a frowny face, Kansas City, MO. gets a smiling one. I just discovered the Kansas City Library.

IT IS SHAPED LIKE A GIANT BOOKSHELF. How did I not know about this before now?


  1. I wish all libraries looked like that...they'd be easier to spot! ;)

  2. Hi there...long time, no visit. :) I read about this action earlier today and shouted a hearty "Woo Hoo!" So glad the library took up the challenge.

  3. KC Public is an AMAZING library!! I LOVE it!:)


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