July 11, 2012

Out of Print Clothing

This past Sunday, I wrote about Books for Africa.  This I found out about Out of Print Clothing.  For every product sold, for every follower on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and/or Pinterest, they donate a book to a community in need through Books for Africa.

That means you can donate four books without every leaving your computer or paying a cent.  Or you could buy something - Out of Print has T-shirts, stationery, tote bags, and more.  You could buy this THE GREAT GATSBY tee on sale and wear it to the movie premiere!  (Anyone want to lend me $16 to get one for myself?)


  1. i LOVE this store. I have their Outsiders shirt and wear it as much as I can. It's great. I'm hoping they will release an Oscar Wilde item soon.



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