November 13, 2013

Authors and Illustrators for the Philippines!

By now, we all know that Haiyan/Yolanda has devastated part of the Philippines.  (It went through the two biggest islands.)  There are many groups offering aid that you can donate to; I suggest that you do your research before giving your money.

Today, I'm highlighting two charity auctions relevant to this blog.  One, Authors for the Philippines, is auctioning off books, swag, critiques, and more.  The authors involved span all age groups, so there's something for everyone.  A few things I highly recommend:
The other, art for Haiyan, is selling art - and not just illustrations.  I see at least one pair of awesome heels.

Warning: These auctions might be expensive.

(Thanks to Tarie of Asia in the Heart for bringing these to my attention!)


  1. I love when people set up auctions. It's a great way to give back.

  2. It's good to see authors and bloggers helping victims of the typhoon.

    1. Yes. It's nice when the community comes together to give back.


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