March 7, 2016

Movie Monday: Deadpool

Deadpool is the superhero movie that's been riding the wave of success most recently.  It had a charming marketing campaign aimed at men and women that was pretty accurate to the tone and content of the movie.  It is also a good movie, which is pretty key to getting people in the theater after that first week.

I have no doubt that Deadpool isn't for everyone.  It's crude, and some of the violent moments are pretty darn graphic.  But the crudeness is suited to the characters, and there's a surprisingly touching love story woven throughout the movie.  Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and his lady love Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) aren't great people, but they are perfectly suited for each other.  (I also appreciated Vanessa's tendency towards rescuing herself.)

Deadpool starts in medias res, with Deadpool attacking a convoy to find a man named Francis (Ed Skrein).  He then starts to narrate the backstory, telling us how he got to this point.  Cancer, experimentation, revenge.  It's a tale as old as time.  (At least in superhero stories.)

The plot is simple, but what sells it is the charm.  The ensemble has great chemistry and the jokes are delivered rapid fire.  Director Tim Miller started in animation, and I think it shows in the judicious use of effects.  There was a small budget, but he knew where to spend that money to make the action look good.  The choreography is also simpler than many movies, making it both easier to follow and believe.  Deadpool's skills are amazing, but there's a weight too them that's often missing in CGI-fests.

Let's face it: Deadpool might not be your style.  But if it is, give it a try.  This is a superhero movie that's got its own voice, and that's a pretty appealing thing.

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