January 2, 2009

The Coming Year

I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I do think the new year is a good time to think about the direction things are going in and where you want them to go next. When I started In Bed With Books I was going to stick to posting reviews, interviews, guest blogs, and giveaways. I stuck to that for most of the year, until I got busy in December.

To make up for it, I posted random, filler-type posts. These seemed to get as good (or better) response as my regular reviews, so I think I may continue these style of posts. Is there anything in specific ya'll would like to see me write about in the space between reviews?

In addition, what would ya'll like to see in the regular programming? Is there something about my reviews that you don't like, or that you really love? Is there someone specific you want me to interview or get to blog here? What kind of giveaways do like best?

I am planning a big event for my birthday month (March). I'm still drafting the e-mail to authors, but that will be sent out soon. Be sure to stop by then even if you don't at other times.

Really, I'm just looking for feedback about the blog. Tell me what you like, don't like, what you want to see on here in 2009. I'm not going to take all suggestions, of course. This is my blog and my playground. I just want to make sure people are having fun on it.

Don't forget to enter the contest - I'll throw in a bonus entry for any feedback. (If you don't want to enter but just want to comment, I'm cool with that too.) I've got some cool reviews coming - LORD OF MISRULE, THE ART INSTINCT, BLONDE ROOTS, NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, and ETERNAL. Let's hope I can keep this up in 2009!


  1. I, of course, am a big fan of your reviews. : )

    I also enjoy your free-flow posts, such as the identity revelation.

    My only suggestion is that you could possibly add lindagerber.blogspot.com to your YA blogroll...

  2. Ah! You aren't on my blogroll? *goes to fix*

    And thanks. ^_^

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE review and contests! But I also really like the random posts.

  4. oh gosh, i can never give advice and ideas. i always think my blog isn't good enough for me to help anyone else! LOL I definitely don't have as many people who post and everything.

    hmm...i like what you said about this being your playground and you want people to have fun on it. so truee!


  5. I like the reviews and random comments. Of course the contests are great too. I also really like it when there are author interviews.

  6. I love your reviews and totally dig your "filler" posts. I'd just like to see you post (don't hate me!) more often. :)

  7. Thanks!

    Lauren - you've got a great blog! I'm still trying to figure out what makes people post. Sometimes something gets a large response, other posts get ignored and I have no clue what makes the difference. It's part of why I wrote this post!

    Leigh - No hate here! The problem of posting more often is why I think I'll keep up the filler. It's hard to write more than one review a week while the semester's on.

  8. Livinia: it's quite a thinker isn't it? I'm not really sure WHAT makes people post. Ah well, maybe we'll figure it out in the future! haha


  9. Since I just started following your blog I have only read the reviews so far. From what I have read they are great and would love to continue looking forward to them. Of course I am sure the in between stuff is also fun to read so I will have to check some of them out later.

    I just post comments if I feel I have some thing to say or just to let you know how I feel about what you posted.

  10. I love your interviews. I think they are fantastic. I would like to see more of those.

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